A simple Viewer for XMI files

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Simple XMI annotation viewer

This package provides a very simple viewer for XMI files, which is an extension and re-packaging of the UIMA Annotation Viewer. On Mac OS X, it nicely integrates with, allowing to open and inspect XMI files with a double click or open on the command line.

Search capabailities are included as well.

Multiple windows

Compile and package

mvn package

This gives you a file called SimpleXmiViewer-VERSION-full.jar in the target directory, which is a runnable jar file, containing all dependencies. Double click that file or run

java -jar target/SimpleXmiViewer-VERSION-full.jar

to launch the viewer. Initially, the viewer displays a file open dialog.

Issues and questions

Feel free to either open an issue on github or drop me a line if there are any issues or questions.